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America, why do you hate brown people?

Every time I see someone bitch about illegal immigration, it’s only every Hispanic illegal immigration. Irish illegal immigration is met with this:

Seriously? If you’re going to do the dumb American “they took our jobs” stance, then bitch about the people that come over here and take hospital jobs, office jobs, corporate jobs, etc. Don’t bitch about the hard working people who get the shaft and take the shittiest jobs known to man to try to get a peaceful living. If you’re going to bitch about brown people taking your jobs, then why don’t go out in the fields, work in the hot ass sun for hours on end, and pick fruit. If you’re really that concerned about that job, but don’t give a shit about illegals taking nursing jobs, doctor jobs, office jobs, etc, then you’re not really worried about your job - you’re worried about America getting too brown. You’re not worried about illegal people coming over here, you’re worried about the color of the illegal people coming over here. 

Brown people aren’t the only ones who illegally immigrate to America. If you’re going to bitch about illegals, bitch about ALL illegals. Otherwise, at least be honest about why you’re bitching - your bigotry against brown people.

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