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I like a lot of things, think about a lot of things, and write about a lot of things.
This blog reflects that.

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[photo: family portrait of a husband and wife posing and smiling with their three children.]



**URGENT: Jagmohan’s Wife, Mariana, Says ICE Will Deport Him As Soon As the Next 24 Hours. Please Call ICE at 202.732.3000 and Ask to Stop Jagmohan’s Deportation (A#74588672). His Family Needs Him! ****
Jagmohan Singh is being detained in California City Detention Center in Bakersfield since February 7th 2013.

Since his detention, Mariana and her children lost their apartment and had to move in with relatives.  She works nights and is struggling, despite her recent amputation, to keep her familiy together.

Jagmohan came to the U.S. over 15 years ago from his native country India. In 2002, he married his wife, Mariana, and they now have 3 U.S. citizen children who are 6, 8, and 10 years old.

Jagmohan is a family man who works long hours to provide for his family, and he also help treat his diabetic condition as well as his wife’s–she has had two surgeries due to complications from her diabetes.

Jagmohan works long hours at a convenience store and he made a mistake in not correctly identifying an underage buyer of alcohol. An officer who was behind the young person noticed and gave Jaghoman a citation. When he went to court, he was assigned training classes to take but as he left the courthouse Immigration and Customs Enforcement came and arrested him. Jaghoman has no previous criminal record.

He is the sole income provider for his family and his ill wife depends on him. Since he’s been in detention, his family cannot afford to pay rent and bills and they have lost their apartment and are now living with relatives.

His children miss their father getting them ready for school and taking them every day.  Jagmohan needs to be back with his family and should be released immediately as he has no criminal record and is a low priority for deportation.

Please sign to get him out and stop his deportation.


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man scrolling through tumblr sees a feminist rant about hating men



plot twist: the man thinks, ah, she is simply expressing her frustration as a member of an oppressed group, whilst hating the construction of masculinity that was designed to keep her down, not necessarily all individual men such as myself…this is absolutely not the same thing as sexism and not a personal attack on me *keeps scrolling*

hint hint

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I wish men could understand we’re not here auditioning to be your girl. - dream hampton  (via tirhase)

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Tear gas stinging your eyes. Flashbangs overhead. Should you run?

Here’s the advice of a friendly internet street medic.

When not to run

  1. People panicking means twisted ankles, falls, trampling over people. It can be “fucking dangerous”.
  2. Running in panic can send you, and others around you, into a trap.
  3. Running empowers the police with a prey/predator mentality.
  4. If you’ve taken the street, and you want to keep it, then be  prepared to defend it.
  5. If you run, you leave behind your comrades that ARE willing to stand.

When to run

  1. If it’s a tactical retreat, made consciously and free of panic. Develop a strategy ahead of time to fall back on. Otherwise, you’re letting the police set the terms.
  2. If you’re past your comfort level. This will obviously be true for most people fleeing police, but remember that your comfort level isn’t necessarily a static thing - if you want to, change it.
  3. If your energy is gone. Understand your limits, and leave with the peace of mind of knowing you have reached yours for the day, and have accomplished what you can.

Not running is hard. Really fucking hard. Most of us are totally guilty of it sometimes, even if just for a few seconds before our brains click and goe ‘hey, wait just one effing minute’. But working towards being able to overcome that fear is important.

This won’t be an overnight transition. It will take time and experience, but it will be worth it. I know, because I can imagine the day when we ALL don’t run, but instead hold our ground and face down the state. Together.”

Word the fuck up.This should be reblogged way more then riot porn.

Also if your gonna be in the streets (ESPICALLY IF WEARING BLACK IN THE SUMMER) Bring and drink water. apoint some one in your AG as a water carrier and have them keep a bit extra if you really cant handle the weight.  You can get cheap camel packs from wally world for like 15 bucks that are small enough to go under your hoodie. or free with the ever easy 5 finger discount)

The first mass mobilization i medic’d i didn’t have one and it was hell. 

Almost every injury i have ever treated at any protest has to do with lack of hydration.

Also i think its important to mention that most police tactics are to scare you and not hurt you. Most departments cant afford the lawsuits if they where to seriously hurt 1,000s of people. Of course use your head and dont put your noggin in front of a metal baton and if they bring out rubber bullets,bean bags shotgun shells, or even pepper balls seek cover immediately.

Also in alot of American cities as long as things arent too outa control (dispersal orders etc…) the side walk is a safe zone where most wont arrest you.

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